ARB 2016+ Tacoma Drawer Side Floor Kit

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THIS KIT IS THE FLAT FLOOR KIT. Drawers are not included.

This will allow side storage to the sides of the drawer area and cover the drawers making everything one flat surface. TO add the drawers select part number ARB-RD1355 ( you will need 2 of these drawers) 

Adding to ARB’s extensive drawer application list is the new Toyota Tacoma floor kit, installation kit, and extension floor kit. Suitable for all 1355 drawers (RD, RF, and RDRF) and it provides a full drawer system and/or fridge slide solution for the increasingly popular Toyota Tacoma 2016-on models.

The TACODRAWKIT is required to fit the 1355 drawers and has all the needed side floor parts, extension floors, and installation kit to create a clean fit and provide additional storage under the new side floors.

The Tacoma Truck Bed Drawer kit has specially shaped brackets to correctly distribute weight in the composite rear bed and provide superior strength for all loads.

The Tacoma Truck Bed Drawer kit is suitable for 5-foot Tacoma bed sizes and should be installed with camper/canopy or tonneau cover options. It is not suitable for weather exposure.

Drawer & Side Floor Features:

  • Anti-Rollback System – Locks the drawers in their full open position stopping unintentional closing

  • Anti-Rattle – Locking mechanisms on the roller drawer and roller floor eliminate movement while closed

  • Stainless Steel Runners – Best surface for bearings to run on and reduces unnecessary wear on components and build up on bearings

  • ARB Outback Solution Roller Drawers, Cargo Barriers, Child Restraint Anchorages are crash-tested and compliant to ADR (Safety Requirements) AS/NZS (Partial Cargo Barriers) ADR (Seats and Seat Anchorages) ADR (Child Restraint Anchorages)

  • UV Stable – All components are UV stable including the carpet which is a high grade marine carpet sourced specifically for ARB applications

  • Slam Shut Latches – Unique to ARB Drawers, allows for easy control and operation of the drawers even when your hands are full

  • Total Weight – Lighter than most competitors’ products, yet stronger, and are great for touring applications

  • Side Floors – Vehicle specific side floors, that create a professional out of the box finish, and incorporate bracing to handle heavier loads and any flex in the side floor

Technical Specifications:
  • Marine grade ply panels and carpet to handle UV and off-road conditions

  • Galvanized steel and or stainless components for improved service times longevity

  • Total Gross Weight - 2 x RD1355 and 1 x TACODRAWKIT = 178lbs

  • Nylon spring loaded latches

  • Suitable to use with – RFFKADP1355 panels and RDTAB1355*

  • Marine grade coatings on all hardware

  • ADR crash tested and certified

  • Able to hold 275lbs of weight per drawer, total 550lbs per pair

  • Install Time Drawers – 4hrs

  • Install Time Barrier – 1hr 


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