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ARB Toastie Brander (Sandwich Press)

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Product Description

Traditionally known as a pie iron, jaffle iron or toastie maker, the ARB Toastie Brander is designed to make toasted sandwiches on the coals of an open fire, an electric or gas burner.
Consisting of two cast iron plates which clamp together to form a closed compartment, the toastie brander can cook a variety of sandwiches, filled with your favorite recipes sealing the outside edges of the bread together to ensure none of the hot contents escape.

Not only does the ARB Toastie Brander toast sandwiches and heat the contents within, but as the name suggests, it also brands the ARB logo into both the top and bottom of the sandwich, promoting the ARB brand and making the perfect toastie for the ARB diehard fan.

The ARB Toastie Brander is a heavy duty piece of cookware designed with stronger hinge points, larger diameter handle rods and longer timber handles than most jaffle irons to ensure long life and safe operation. 
It measures approx 620mm x 110mm x 40mm and is designed for use with standard sized sandwich bread.

It wouldn’t be a “Toastie Brander” unless it left its mark on your toastie. 
Inside you’ll find two raised ARB logos that will imprint both sides of your favorite toastie with your favorite 4X4 accessory brand!

Warning: Don’t leave a hot toastie brander somewhere it can be sat on or you’ll brand more than just your bread!

The cast iron is pre-seasoned in vegetable oil and is ready for use.

Manufactured from kiln dried hardwood and branded with the ARB logo, the handle measures 21mm x 220mm.

Bigger is better - Manufactured from 7mm, chrome plated, grade 50 carbon steel, the handle arms are fitted at an angle into the casting to provide more clamping force on the contents of the ‘Toastie Brander’. 
A hook and crimps hold the handles closed tight, preventing the toastie brander from losing its contents into the cooking fire.

The Toastie Brander can be displayed in its carry bag which has a hanging eyelet for pegging on slat wall displays.
Let your imagination run free - On the rear of the bag is a list of ultimate jaffle recipes which make a great starting point for budding Bushmaster Chefs.

The Toastie Brander has been pre-seasoned and is ready to use however over time the cast iron will need to be seasoned  again as continual use will eventually burn off the oils trapped in the porous surface of the iron. Washing in detergents should also be avoided as the detergent will also remove the oils.
To clean, use only hot water and a scrubbing brush. Avoid detergents and steel brushes or steel wool.
To season periodically, use a vegetable or bran oil and coat the cooking surface of the iron. Fill the iron with vegetable scraps such as carrot peelings and place the iron on the heat source for a few minutes before removing and allowing to cool.
Repeat this process 2-3 times.
After washing, a light coat of oil should be applied to the outer surfaces to prevent rusting.

Note: Ensure you allow the toastie brander to cool before placing it in it’s carry bag for storage.

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