Baja Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mount for 5" Tall Rack

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Hi-Lift Jack Mounting Bracket for 5" height racks

Metal brackets for mounting a Hi-Lift jack on to 5" tall standard basket rack (2 pieces per kit). The new design help you mount both tools without the help of another person. These sturdy Hi-Lift jack mounts will keep your jack safe and the lockable feature will keep it secure.
You can secure your accessory with a lock similar to:

Material and Thickness: 1/8 Inch (3.175 mm) and 3/16 Inch (4.7 mm) steel.
Finish: Epoxy primer (rust barrier) with black powder coating 
Mounting Method: Clamps install directly on the sides of rack. 

This Hi-Lift jack mounting bracket fits:

Standard Rack

STD Full Mesh Rack

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