Metal Tech FJ Cruiser Front Tube Bumper w/ Winch Mount

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Metal-Tech 4x4 FJ Cruiser Front Tube Bumper w/ Winch Mount

Ultra high performance in a lightweight package--the new Metal Tech 4x4 front bumper with winch mount is just 19 pounds heavier than your factory Toyota FJ Cruiser front bumper. Metal Tech's tube bumper with 1 3/4” .120 wall features four light mounting tabs and the ability to work either with or without a winch. This means you install the Metal Tech FJ Cruiser Front Tube Winch Bumper without burdening yourself with the extra weight of a winch mount when it is not needed.

Metal Tech's FJ Cruiser Front Tube Winch Bumper mounts to your factory Toyota FJ Cruiser's front frame horn bumper mounts for easy installation. The winch mounting system mounts 100% independent of the bumper mounts, and mounts on the side of the frame behind the crumple zone. Metal Tech 4x4 is the ONLY manufacturer doing this. Why? The factory front frame horn bumper mounts used by everyone else, for both the bumper and the winch mount, are only about 1/8” thick steel sheet. Directly behind the thin sheet metal is four dimples in the frame for crumple zones. Mounting a winch in front of the crumple zone and off thin sheet metal is not something Metal Tech 4x4 will do.  Metal Tech 4x4's Front Tube Bumper and Winch systems are designed to be used and take the abuse of real off-road use. It is more expensive to engineer around these points but it is the correct way to do it for maximum performance and longevity of your Toyota FJ Cruiser.

The Winch System is a twin beam design that bolts to the sides of your FJ Cruiser's frame using the factory reinforced points on the frame. The system bolts on and is the easiest winch installation of any FJ Cruiser bumper. Once the mount is in place you simply bolt the winch on--no lifting a bumper with the winch in it, it is an easy one person job. The bumper simply bolts on over the mounted winch. Once installed the two look like one bumper, however they are independent.

If you decide to go with a non-winch set up, then our bash plate is in front of the stinger portion of the tube bumper. Behind and below the bash plate is a custom laser cut 1/4” cold rolled and CNC formed lower bash bar between the bumper mounting points protecting the lower portion of the radiator.

The Metal Tech 4x4 Front Tube Bumper at any time can be set up with a winch or without using simple hand tools. When not using the winch configuration not only do you shed the weight of the 70-90 pound winch, you also lose the extra 40 pounds of winch mount. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to switch the bumper from winch to non-winch.

Metal Tech FJ Cruiser Front Tube Winch Bumper features four light tabs, two in the grill and two on top of the stinger. We like a clean looking FJ Cruiser so we have helped to achieve this look through a laser cut hole in the mounting foot for your light wiring. The access point in the mounting foot allow you to pull wires through the frame of your FJ Cruiser into the tubes of the Tube bumper.  You drill the appropriate exit hole (based on where you want it and how big you need it) near your mounted lights for a clean and protected look. 


  • 1 3/4" .120 wall Tube construction
  • Light weight design
  • 4 Light tabs for additional lighting
  • Can be configured for a bash plate

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Estimated Install Time: 6 hours

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