Scheel-Mann Traveler LR Edition Seat

  • Description

Lower seat cushion shape: The LR Edition lower seat has side bolsters that are smaller to allow easier ingress and egress for taller vehicles. You will feel planted without feeling pinched. 

Under seat access: The LR Edition lower center cushion hinges up, making it a secret access hatch to items such as the battery or storage locker on the Land Rover Defender TM, or just great place for strong box or travel documents. 


  • Arm Rests - Substantial padded arm rests are available for either side of any seat. They are trimmed to match your chosen bolster material.
  • Integrated Heating - Built in seat heaters available with, or without a switch.
  • 4 way Lumbar Support - Integrated lumbar support that you fine tune to the needs of your unique back. The support can be moved both up and down, as well as in and out.
  • Map Net - Additional storage net can be added to the back of the seat. 

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