SD Metal Tech 2016+ Tacoma Voodoo Rear Bumper Stage 1

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This item is listed as Scratch and Dent, sold AS IS with no returns.   It may be from an open box, customer return, a one-time prototype part, old inventory.   This item may have, scratches, dents, rust signs of ware, previously installed and used. This item maybe is missing small parts, hardware, instructions, and original packaging.   The photo used in this listing is to represent the condition the best we can, however, there may be condition issues not visible that are also present.   This item may be damaged in someway not visible in photos and reflected in the sale price.

Pictures show the bumper as is. This is a manufacturer error. The wire harness plug cut-out is on the wrong side.  Your choices for a project to correct this are. . .

1. make a template and cut out a new hole on the correct side.

2. make an extended wire harness to allow your harness to reach further.

3. not use the harness

With these scratch and dent bumpers some have some damage to the powdercoat. Some have touch ups that show a shinier gloss in spots than the original  powdercoat. The reinforcement at the top in the back is not as thick as the non-scratch and dent bumpers. Again, the utility plug cut out is on the right side instead of the left side. A specific harness may need to be used or another hole cut for full capabilities.

Metal-Tech 4x4 2016+ Tacoma Voodoo Rear Bumper Stage 1

The 2016+ 3rd Gen Tacoma rear bumper features a non-destructive install design where you do not have to cut up the truck making for an easy install.  We engineered the Voodoo bumper to be a true bolt on performance armor option for the new Tacoma providing better departure angle and rear end protection on the trail.  

We use state of the art design and engineering tools like 3D Scanning and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to develop all of our bumpers.  We analyze the products real-world physical behavior by virtually testing the CAD models against linear, non-linear, and dynamic loading, allowing us to raise product quality and product durability ensuring a long service life.

There are four different thicknesses of steel and large 3/4" recovery points for confident vehicle extractions.

Included are two laser cut pockets for LED reverse lights and laser cut openings for the factory Toyota back up sensors. Integrated is a cut out for your factory Toyota trailer plug and mounting for rear a license plate.


  • Non-destructive install
  • 3/4" rear recovery points
  • 2 LED reverse light pockets for optional lights
  • Back up sensor compatible
  • Factory trailer plug compatible
  • Light weight
  • Powder coated black
  • Mounting hardware included


Estimated Install Time: 4 hours

Install Guide

Stage 1 Bumper Weight: 44lbs


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